Moves Management

William Pitcher
24 Oct 2017
THE GRAND HOTEL - Mount Pleasant Room

Moves Management

In the commercial sector, it’s called Sales Pipeline Management. In the fundraising world, planning and tracking your solicitation process is called Moves Management. This session will show you how to take control of your solicitation efforts, and raise more money.

This interactive introduction will provide you with a fast-paced overview on how to identify and track the stages of a sales cycle as well as the steps to take at each stage. It provides you with a framework to identify and proactively meet the unique demands of soliciting each your prospective sponsors. By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid plan for a number of your hottest prospects, and a winning framework for your entire solicitation process.

You will be introduced to strategic selling at the highest level. You will learn how to know exactly what you should do next with each of your sponsorship prospects, what part of your solicitation process is most successful and what part needs the most work.

You will learn:
1. Why a Moves Management process can significantly contribute to your sponsorship success.
2. The difference between tracking activity and tracking moves.
3. How to identify and structure the stages of your solicitation process.
4. How to identify and create cultivation actions (touches) for each stage of your solicitations.
5. Using Moves Management to benchmark and track your solicitation progress.
6. How to get started with your actual prospects.