Explain Sponsorship Week's per-day pricing

Sponsorship Week spans five consecutive days: one two-day conference (Sponsorship Toronto) and three one-day workshops. Once you’ve decided which of the conferences and workshops you would like to attend, register for the appropriate number of days. If you’re registering for The Sponsorship Gut Check, select one day. If you’re registering for Sponsorship Toronto, select two days. If you’re registering for any combination of conferences or workshops, select the appropriate number of days. The bigger your package, the more you’ll save.

Once you’re into the registration system, after you’ve entered your contact information, you’ll be given an opportunity to identify your selected conferences and workshops by name.

Am I a VIP?

Maybe. Sponsorship Week and its Signature Speaker Series are hosted by The Sponsorship Report, Canada’s only periodical that reports on corporate sponsorship. If you’re a paid subscriber to The Sponsorship Report, you’re definitely a VIP and you’ll find your VIP code at the bottom of page eight of your monthly issue. The VIP code is also available to our program partners and all Sponsorship Week presenters. If you have a relationship with our program partners or any of our presenters, now would be a good time to give them a call and say hello!

Can I share my registration with one or more colleagues?

Yes. If one or more of your colleagues wants to join you at Sponsorship Week, and there’s a mix of sessions that each of you would like to attend, give us a call (705-653-1112) or send us an email (tsr@sponsorship.ca). We’ll put together a pricing proposal for you that maximizes your benefit from our per-day registration and discounts for multiple registrants.

What if I have to cancel?

We wish you wouldn’t, but we’ll treat you well because we’d like to see you at Sponsorship Week next year. If you must cancel your registration, do it by email to tsr@sponsorship.ca. We will acknowledge receipt of your cancellation and outline what you should expect. Your email will stand as proof of your cancellation. If you cancel by phone (and we recommend that you don’t), please insist on an email confirmation.

If you cancel within two weeks of your scheduled session, you will receive a full refund, and it will be processed almost immediately. Your refund will come to you through the same method as your payment: credit card or cheque.

If you cancel after that, but before the day of your session, we’ll refund all but $200 of your registration fee, but we won’t spend your $200 right away. We’ll keep it as a credit in your account, and you can use it to register for next year’s Sponsorship Week.

We will not refund registration fees for no-shows or cancellations received on the day of the scheduled session.

Can I substitute a colleague instead of cancelling?

Yes. And you may do that anytime, without penalty. Even on the day of the session.