Sponsorship in Education: What Every Advancement Professional Needs to Know

Chris Baylis

President and CEO, The Sponsorship Collective

October 25, 2018, full-day workshop

You are in a uniquely privileged position

To sponsors, the education sector can deliver all the benefits of municipal spaces and the charitable sector. It has privileged access to some of the most valuable and elusive audience segments in the country. With that much going for it, you would expect sponsorship to be a highly valuable revenue stream for the education sector.

It isn’t.

Most professionals working in advancement have remained in their comfort zone. They still focus on corporate philanthropy or affinity programming to drive corporate revenue.

Sponsorship revenue, and there is plenty of it for educational institutions willing to shift their thinking, is being left on the table. In this day-long workshop, we will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to access it.

This session will answer the following questions:

  • How are education facilities in Canada working with sponsors?
  • What do sponsors want from an education property and how can you capitalize on those needs?
  • Should you sell naming rights for buildings?
  • How can you use sponsorship to engage your alumni while driving revenue?
  • Are you valuing affinity programs properly?
  • What are the most valuable assets on and off campus?
  • Should you be selling sponsorship by department (athletics vs alumni) or selling flagship programming involving multiple departments?
  • How do you value your assets properly and prove ROI to your sponsors?
  • What do you need to consider when creating a sponsorship or naming right policy?
  • What activation ideas are appropriate for education and will command premium rights fees?

During this full day session we will cover:

  • Current trends in sponsorship and how they relate to the education space
  • Inventory building and uncovering assets that sponsors want
  • How to conduct a valuation using values developed specifically for the education sector
  • How to build activations that add value to your student body, staff and alumni
  • Building a strategy for the year designed to drive revenue and get everyone on the bus

Who this session is for:

This session is for those selling sponsorship, or considering doing so, within the education sector. Whether you work in advancement, events or alumni relations, if you work for a college, university or in the k-12 space, this session was designed with you in mind.

You will walk away ready to:

  • Identify the most valuable audience segments on campus and among your alumni
  • Develop an inventory of sponsorship assets
  • Negotiate with sponsors and affinity partners
  • Ensure that your current sponsorship/gift acceptance policy will support your revenue goals
  • Develop a valuation based on current market trends and accepted industry values
  • Forecast appropriate sponsorship revenue based on your inventory and market value

lessons learned today will apply to you.

About Chris Baylis

Chris Baylis is the President and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective, an expert in sponsorship valuations and has worked with education properties across Canada and the United States. Prior to launching The Sponsorship Collective, Chris spent years selling sponsorship for education programming and worked as Director of Advancement for an education property. Chris knows the education sector and its particular set of challenges very well.


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Day 1
25 Oct 2018