Building a Business Case for Cause Sponsorship

Chris Baylis

President and CEO, The Sponsorship Collective

October 24, 2018, full-day workshop

Put yourself on the path to business partnership

Do you struggle to get face time with decision makers within a company’s marketing department?

Are you tired of having your calls deflected to the corporate foundation or online forms?

Do you need help articulating your business case beyond just being “a good cause”?

You know sponsorship packages are old school…but what do you replace them with, if anything?

Are you having trouble convincing your board of directors (or CEO) that eblasting sponsorship packages to cold prospects is a terrible way to raise money?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this is the session for you!

In Building a Business Case for Cause Sponsorship we will seek out and reveal your unique competitive advantage in the sponsorship space and show you how to present that to your prospects. You will walk away with the tools, insights and confidence needed to demonstrate to a CMO that your cause represents the best possible investment of her scarce marketing dollars.

This is a highly interactive workshop. At every step of the way you will be asked to challenge and apply these ideas. Bring your toughest challenges, sponsorship decks and activation ideas and prepare to be tested.

Vegas Rules

This is a closed session for causes and NFPs. Only those actively involved in sponsorship sales and corporate fundraising are invited. “Vegas rules” apply! Everything you hear from fellow participants stays within the room when you leave.

Here’s what the day involves:

Don’t Ask. Offer!

You will learn how to reinterpret and repackage your cause, events and programming as marketing opportunities to prospects. We will focus on the benefits and opportunities that matter to the marketing side of your corporate prospects. You will no longer ask for support. You will offer solutions to pressing business challenges.

Your Secret Weapon: Your Audience!

Sponsorship is all about access to audience, which is something that makes many in the cause space uncomfortable. Together we will work through techniques and strategies to understand your audience’s needs and pain points, using sponsorship to add value. You will learn how to use this data to improve audience experience and unlock the value your audience brings to you and your sponsors


The days of logo placement in sponsorship are ending…fast. The good news is that simple branding is being replaced by something far more valuable to charities, sponsors and audiences. We will look at trends in sponsorship activation, real life examples and case studies. We will build activation ideas out of the sponsorship packages of attendees, live!

You will learn how to drive significant sponsorship dollars while improving your events and programs through sponsorship activation.


We will review valuation best practices with a focus on what value your brand brings to the table. Sponsors may not be interested in your cause for the reasons you think but your cause (mission, vision and reputation) does offer a lot to sponsors and, most importantly, increases the value of your assets.

You will learn simple steps you can take to increase the value of your assets because of your reputation and your cause. We will show you valuation tricks you can use to simplify and streamline the process.


Sponsors look for reasons to say no, and one of the best is a 20 page document with an off the shelf sponsorship package. Despite that, boards, CEOs and even sponsors themselves keep asking for these archaic sales documents. There is a better way!

The day is capped with a focus on building a business case document using the process that we explore throughout this session. You will walk away knowing exactly how long your business case should be, how to use it to get internal buy in, when to give it to a prospect and, most important of all, how to use it to increase your sponsorship sales.

We will look at examples from the field of those doing it well and those missing the mark. Participants will also be invited to submit their sponsorship decks ahead of time for a live audit during the session.

Who is Building a Business Case for Cause Sponsorship for?

This session is for those who work primarily within the cause sponsorship space – charities, not for profits, education and health care. The day is best suited for those who spend time talking to sponsors, have a corporate fundraising revenue goal or who manage those in sponsorship sales. Whether you seek sponsorship for events, programming or broader corporate partnerships for your organization, the lessons learned today will apply to you.

Session Format & Tools

This session is both lecture and workshop. We will touch on theory, case studies and real world examples with multiple touch points throughout the day to apply these ideas to your sponsorship program. Templates and resources will be provide to help with the implementation process.


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Day 1
24 Oct 2018

Building a Business Case for Cause Sponsorship

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Chris Baylis

“This course provides a deep understanding of cause sponsorship and the ways in which relationships are successfully acquired and sustained by meeting the goals of each party involved.

“The course covers everything from relevant statistics in the marketplace which help you hone-in on your audience, to specific activations that enhance your event; there are many stories along the way as well!

“I would highly recommend this course to those in the philanthropic sector who work directly with corporate supporters, and those who are looking for a fresh and credible perspective on how to maximize funding streams while providing exactly what your audience wants. “

Andrea Simpson, Manager, Sponsorship, MaRS Discovery District

“The conference was full of new ideas that challenged my way of thinking, but delivered on practical take-aways to implement the theories presented.”

Mary Ellen Davies, Director of Development, Confederation Centre of the Arts

Full participation in Building a Business Case for Cause Sponsorship is applicable for 7.0 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.