The Sponsorship Boot Camp


Should You Attend the Sponsorship Boot Camp?

The following questionnaire, provided by Sponsorship Boot Camp Drill Sergeant Bernie Colterman, may help. See how many of the points below apply to your environment:

  • My experience in sponsorship development is limited.
  • Our organization is new to sponsorship and wants to get it right the first time.
  • We’re not sure that we’re identifying and effectively leveraging all of our potential sponsor assets (benefits).
  • We “guess” the value of our sponsorship packages.
  • We find it difficult to customize and price our proposals.
  • We’re not sure how to increase the value of our sponsorship offerings.
  • Our sponsorship program is declining / not growing year-over-year.
  • We keep going back to the same sponsors.
  • We have a small audience, so sponsors don’t seem to be attracted to our program.
  • We’re stuck in the Gold, Silver, Bronze format.
  • We’re not sure how to incorporate social media into our sponsorship packages.
  • We’re not sure if we are leveraging our signature event for maximum sponsorship.
  • We sell sponsorship for each event as a one-off opportunity.
  • Our sponsorship promotional materials don’t generate a lot of interest.
  • Our sponsors don’t activate their agreements and are less successful than they could be.
  • We seem to take a scattered approach towards our sales process.
  • I don’t like making “cold calls”.
  • We spend a lot of time chasing sponsors, only to be eventually turned down.
  • We have a hard time identifying the best potential sponsors.
  • I can’t seem to get through the door of sponsor prospects.
  • I have difficulty moving the sales process forward or “closing” the sale.
  • Our internal culture is not supportive of our sponsorship program.
  • We don’t have a sponsorship policy.
  • We’re not sure what should be included in a sponsorship agreement.
  • We have a less than 80% renewal rate for current sponsors.

If you find that many of these bullet points apply to you, you would clearly benefit from a proven, practical workshop such as the Sponsorship Boot Camp, October 24 at the Grand Hotel and Suites in Toronto. Learn More.

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