October 22-24, 2019
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Four Workshops
Top Sponsorship Leaders
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Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance

Navigate the three “Moments of Truth” that determine the success or failure of every sponsorship sale.
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Municipal Forum
on Sponsorship Sales

How to sell sponsorships of municipal assets and ensure that you are returning the greatest value to your municipal ratepayers. The focus this year is on your most valuable assets: Naming Rights.
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The Sponsorship Boot Camp

An intensive crash course on sponsorship program development and sales.
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Ensure that your pricing strategy generates the greatest value while not pricing you out of the market.

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This conference runs through 3 days in October 2019.
Municipal Forum
Wednesday, October 24. This full-day session is Canada's premier workshop for leaders in municipal sponsorship
The Sponsorship Boot Camp
Tuesday, October 22. A day-long workshop on sponsorship program development and sales.
Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance
Thursday, October 24. Navigate the three Moments of Truth that define every sponsorship sale.
Wednesday, October 23. A half-day workshop on determining the value of your assets.

The Municipal Forum On Sponsorship Sales

Name that venue! This is a closed-door session for municipalities and other public sector organizations. The focus? Naming Rights. Your session leader? The most successful naming rights salesperson in the...
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Judy Haber

Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance

TOPICS COVERED IN THIS WORKSHOP INCLUDE 6 habits of successful salespeople 10 top prospecting strategies How to navigate the 3 sponsorship sales “Moments of Truth” between sellers and buyers Sponsorship...
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Gavin Roth


Grand Hotel and Suites
225 Jarvis Street Toronto, ON

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