Leads. Revenue. Advocates. Five Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Online Presence and Create Advocates in the Process

Randy Milanovic

CEO, Kayak Online Marketing

October 23, 2019, full-day workshop

Turn your digital presence into a revenue-generating engine

Is your organization’s website supporting your objective of attracting sponsors and building revenue? Is it helping you reach your real world, bottom line business goals?

If your answer is ‘no’ or even ‘I’m not sure,’ you have plenty of company. Most websites consistently fail to meet these vital objectives.

There is so much that can be accomplished via the web, but the websites of most sponsored properties serve more as ‘web-signs’ than actual sources of new partnerships.

It’s time to start thinking differently about sponsorship lead generation via the web, especially if your organization wishes to communicate value over price, ROI over products, or employ a consultative selling process.

In this full-day program, Randy Milanovic, CEO of Kayak Online Marketing, shares many of his firm’s insights and strategies that have been proven to generate high quality leads and incremental revenue following an information-based marketing approach.

Over the course of the day Randy will guide you through a rigorous process where you will:

1) Identify Visitor Intent (why are they on your site?)

  • Donation, Sponsorship, or Partnership? These are three very different conversations. Learn how you can you tell why visitors are on your site, even before they reach out to you.

2) Understand Visitor Behaviour (how are they using your site?)

  • One visitor makes contact, but hasn’t read anything. Another one reads everything, but doesn’t make contact. Learn to spot obvious website visitor behaviours, and devise a strategy to engage each on their terms.

3) Apply User Experience Best Practices (is it easy for them to use your site?)

  • Understand the difference between visitor distractions and attractions in website design. Learn how to recognize or deploy marketing assets, grasp page layout fundamentals, plan overall structure, and deliver pertinent information like content, offers, and forms.

4) Develop a Deployment Strategy (learn how to qualify AND disqualify leads)

  • On-page link types and related behaviours
  • Crafting Persona Flows: pairing link strategies for the actor (buyer) or the learner (researcher)
  • Copywriting basics

5) Apply the Litmus Test: Assessing Your Site Against your Competition’s

  • How well are we qualifying ideal prospects?
  • How well are we disqualifying poor prospects?
  • Are we SEO-friendly
  • Are we site visitor-friendly?

Who Should Attend

If your role includes influencing how your organization presents itself online, this workshop is for you. The session will equip you with skills and fresh insights that will allow you and your organization to improve sponsorship lead generation and grow sponsorship and donation revenue. This workshop will interest anyone who may be developing a new web presence, planning an update to an existing site, or directing the work of a professional web development team.

About Kayak

Kayak is a 2018 Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner and 2013 Small Business of the Year Finalist. In 2011, KAYAK adopted a do-it-with-you approach to service delivery, opting to empower clients with insights and knowledge to improve the ROI of their digital marketing efforts.


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Completion of Leads. Revenue. Advocates will earn 7 points toward the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.