The Municipal Forum on Sponsorship

Judy Haber

Senior Partner, Performance Sponsorship Group

October 24, 2018, full-day workshop

Cracking the Municipal Code 3.0
on Corporate Revenue Generation

Almost 95% of municipalities are either pursuing sponsors or are seriously considering it. Municipalities are also finding that implementing these programs is far more complex than imagined.

The Municipal Forum on Sponsorship, October 24, 2018 at the Grand Hotel & Suites Toronto, is Canada’s leading forum on cracking the municipal code on corporate revenue generation. It is geared specifically to municipal practitioners who are responsible for planning or delivering sponsorship and advertising programs..

This year’s focus will be on sales.

You’ve developed your Inventory of Assets. You know the baseline value of these assets. How do you take the next steps towards implementing a successful program?

Presentations on the latest best practices will be combined with interactive discussions and break-out groups that encourage participants to apply key lessons learned to their own environment.

Key challenges we’ll discuss at the Municipal Forum on Sponsorship include:

  • What are key considerations in developing an Inventory of Assets to market?
  • How do we price and market these assets?
  • How do we identify prospective sponsors and get in the door?
  • How do we conduct a successful discovery session with a prospect?
  • What goes into an effective proposal?
  • How do we “close the deal”?
  • How do we prepare a winning RFP to hire an external contractor to market our assets?

The Detailed Agenda includes:

Update on Municipal Sponsorship
This session explores the latest news on municipal sponsorship including what Naming Rights are selling for and how they are being sold.

Identifying and Valuating Assets 
Everyone knows that the first step in any sponsorship program is identifying and valuating assets. Placing a “fair market value” on assets is more complicated than ever. This session takes aim at assessing tangible and intangible value and discusses how the pros do it. 

Small Town Strategies
Small towns can be successful at sponsorship and naming rights too. This session explores small town strategies that can be used and some of the unique challenges they face. 

Sponsorship Sales Techniques
Many municipalities are opting to go the sales route themselves. This session examines many of the techniques that are used to launch successful sales programs such as “discovery sessions” and closing the deal. This session will also discuss the pros and cons of using an outside resource and when it makes most sense to use an external contractor this. 

Group Work
In this session, practitioners work amongst themselves on issues that municipalities are facing in their work and report back to the group.

Q & A – Ask the Expert
In this interview-style session, Judy Haber will answer anything on your mind and then some! 

Who Should Attend the Municipal Forum on Sponsorship?

This workshop and forum is for middle to senior managers from large and small municipalities and other public institutions who are currently involved in or are considering sponsorships, naming rights or advertising as sources of revenue for their organization.

What You Will Learn:

  • Strategic approaches to implementing a sustainable municipal sponsorship and naming rights program
  • How to determine the value of assets that your municipality can leverage with potential corporate partners
  • Strategies for increasing public acceptance, political and internal buy-in for the program
  • Techniques for packaging and marketing sponsorship and naming rights assets
  • Key considerations for implementing the program and managing risk.


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Municipal Forum on Sponsorship

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Judy Haber

“As a representative from a very small municipality, this session gave us some great ideas and valuable information to begin a sponsorship and advertising program.”

“Thought provoking session that helps you ‘think outside the box’.”