Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance

Gavin Roth

Managing Partner, Gavin Roth & Associates

October 24, 2019, full-day workshop


When pursuing a sponsor, there are three “moments of truth” – the Approach, the Proposal and the Feedback.  How you navigate your way through each of these moments can be the difference between a successful sale and a quick decline.

In this full-day workshop, Gavin Roth will teach you the secrets to sponsorship sales success.  He will coach you through the three moments of truth, sharing proven strategies and reinforcing them with stories and cases from his 25-year career developing successful sponsorships and partnerships for properties like WWE, CFL, 2010 Olympics and several others.

You’ll also learn sales fundamentals like habits of successful business developers and the best prospecting strategies. 

And he’ll allocate time for a group workshop that will tackle your current sponsorship sales challenges

It’s all delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. 

Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance will deepen your insight into the sponsorship sales process, raise your confidence level and provide you with tools to increase your success in the marketplace.

Who this session is for

If you have sponsorship sales responsibilities, whether it is your full-time role or one of several accountabilities you have, this workshop is for you.

Topics covered

  • 6 habits of successful salespeople
  • 10 top prospecting strategies
  • How to navigate the 3 sponsorship sales “Moments of Truth” between sellers and buyers
  • Sponsorship sales best practices
  • Solutions to your current sponsorship sales challenges

Tell us what’s keeping you awake at night

We will dedicate a portion of the workshop to your current sponsorship sales challenges. Bring them to this session, and we’ll work together to develop effective solutions on the spot!

What you will gain

You will emerge from Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance with practical tools and strategies, giving you greater confidence to tackle the sponsorship sales process.

And you will be provided with a laminated personal Game-Plan for ongoing reference.


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Completion of Accelerate Your Sponsorship Sales Performance will earn 7 points toward the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

“If you’re looking to propel your career in the sponsorship industry, I highly recommend this sales training program. The workshop combines the opportunity to strengthen your sales fundamentals while building your industry acumen learning from an array of successful case studies that span Gavin’s career. “

Jordan Vader, Head of Global Partnerships, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

“With significant revenue targets and a team largely new to high level sales, we knew we needed extra support and training to get our team operating at the next level. We called upon Gavin Roth + Associates for a private sales tactics session tailored to a range of skill levels. Gavin’s team was engaging and made traditionally dry sales theory feel fun, approachable, and manageable. Our junior staff felt empowered to take on bigger opportunities, and our more seasoned staff left with some new tricks. “

Jennifer Frees, Senior Director of Partnerships, Toronto International Film Festival

“For someone who has recently had Sponsorship added to their portfolio, this was exactly what I was looking for. Gavin provided the knowledge and shared experiences which have provided me with the confidence needed to take on the next Sponsorship challenge.”