The Art of the Sale

Judy Haber

Senior Partner, Performance Sponsorship Group

October 23, 2018, full-day workshop

Learn the secrets of sponsorship sales success

For many organizations, selling sponsorship falls to the Executive Director, along with a whole range of other responsibilities. Or it may be lumped in with Development and Fundraising. Even in organizations with a dedicated sponsorship salesperson, the prospect of a sales call is often filled with apprehension, even dread.

If any of these descriptions rings true to you, let Judy Haber put your mind at ease.

In sponsorship sales, Judy Haber has no peer. She is the consummate sales pro, constantly taking lessons from the marketplace, constantly refining her techniques, constantly delivering top dollar to her clients. In a career spanning more than 25 years, Judy has added hundreds of millions of dollars to the coffers of organizations large and small.

Examples that you’ll study during this workshop include:

  • The Shoppers Drug Mart Toronto Marathon: An ideal Title Sponsorship strategy that leveraged 24 suppliers
  • The Co-Op Recreational Complex in Wynyard, SK: An example of how assets can be bundled to command a larger deal in a small market
  • The B&O Yorkville Run for Charities: Sponsors include Mizrahi, Camrost, First Capital , Whole Foods and 25 other suppliers
  • The Woolwich Dairy Golf tournament in support of Family Transition Place: Buying assets in order to command greater value for sponsorship packages
  • The Gary Moe Autogroup Sports Complex in Lacombe, AB: How corporate sponsorship and corporate philanthropy can support each other in a small market
  • RACISM Stop it!: How to package and sell a social marketing campaign.

An unprecedented opportunity

For the first time ever, Judy will lead a day-long workshop specifically on the art of the sponsorship sale. This may be your only opportunity to learn the sales secrets of one of North America’s most successful sponsorship sales professionals.

Who this session is for

If you have sponsorship sales responsibilities, whether it is your full-time role or one of several accountabilities you have, this workshop is for you. Whatever your sales role may be, The Art of the Sale will deepen your insight in the sponsorship sales process, raise your confidence level and vastly increase your success in the marketplace.

Topics include

  • What are you selling? You may think you know, but very likely you are mistaken
  • Who are you selling to? Understanding the different needs of national, regional and local brands, as well as how different industry sectors value sponsorship opportunities
  • Identifying your prospects. How to narrow your list of prospects to the ones most likely to deliver top value to your organization
  • Getting through the door. With the right approach, it’s not as difficult as you think.
  • Managing the meeting. Here you’ll explore the fine details that allow you to read the room and manage the dynamic of the sales meeting.
  • Learn the strategies that will lead to the best terms possible. Understand when it’s best to accept that the best deal is no deal at all.
  • Arriving at an agreement and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Contractual terms. Terms you must have, terms you should have, and terms you absolutely must avoid.

What you will learn

You will emerge from The Art of the Sale with a much deeper understanding of the motivations behind a sponsorship investment, and how those motivations vary from market to market and from category to category. You will approach every sales call with greater confidence. You will know how to manage a sales meeting, how best to arrive at the most favourable terms and how to ensure those terms are reflected in the final agreement. Ultimately, you will generate more revenue for your organization.


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“This was the most valuable presentation that I attended because it was completely relevant to my needs and what I need to do moving forward. ” [from Double Your Revenue, presented by Judy Haber at Sponsorship Week 2015]