What Sponsors Really Want

William Pitcher

William Pitcher

Pitcher Group Sponsorship + Philanthropy

October 23, 2018, full-day workshop

Double Your Dollars

What Sponsors Really Want provides you with a full day of sponsorship knowledge and hands-on exercises designed to dramatically increase your revenue generating potential. The workshop is comprised of lectures with group exercises, real case studies with extended breakouts and a ‘bring your prospect list’ workshop.  The goal: by the end of the day, you will have moved a number of your hottest prospects significantly forward, and have in-hand a new list of strong prospects to pursue.

Are You Offering Sponsors What They Actually Need?

Companies have very specific reasons for adding sponsorship to their marketing mix. All businesses have challenges unique to their industry, their target market or their specific company that they seek to address by partnering with organizations such as yours. If you do not know these unique needs or how to identify them – or worse, you only offer prospective sponsors standard packages – your sponsorship program is performing significantly below its full potential.

Knowing a company’s challenges is only part of the answer.  You also have to know how to actually create new sponsorship opportunities during the solicitation process that meet those needs. Focussing only on the standard kinds of projects that need funding and offering recognition is not nearly enough to be a competitive organization in today’s sponsorship marketplace.

Your Opportunity

You will learn to value quality instead of quantity. A bigger sign does not equate to bigger dollars. What does is a carefully crafted benefit that responds perfectly to a sponsor’s needs. Often, these benefits are right under your nose, but can be easily overlooked if you don’t have the necessary skills to enter the sponsor’s mind.

What You Will Learn

With Challenge and Opportunity Matching, you will learn the following:

  • The types of business challenges sponsors face, and how they differ from category to category.
  • The process of working with prospects to identify their specific challenges and needs.
  • The types of opportunities you can offer sponsors to meet their individual challenges.
  • How to identify these types of opportunities within your own organization.
  • The process for matching sponsorship opportunities to a prospect’s needs.
  • How to get started with your actual prospects.

Who will benefit most from What Sponsors Really Want?

This session is for anyone, from beginner to sponsorship veteran, who wishes they could provide companies with opportunities that better meet sponsors needs — thereby providing more value and raising more money.  The day is designed to be of value regardless of the type of organization you are coming from or the types of sponsorships and sponsors you are seeking.

Session Format & Tools

What Sponsors Really Want will look at real world examples. It will provide exercises for you to consider and address challenges in your own organization.  The session will switch things up with a variety of presentation and workshop techniques throughout the day. You will receive tools you can use with colleagues in your organization after the workshop. As a participant in the session, you will also get access to an online forum where you can follow-up with fellow attendees or ask further questions of your session leader.


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Day 1
23 Oct 2018

What Sponsors Really Want: Challenges for Sponsors, Opportunities for Properties

Brick by brick, we will spend the morning building a solid foundation for your new approach to sponsorship marketing and sales. First, you’ll learn how to think like a sponsor,...
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William Pitcher
William Pitcher
12:00 - 13:00


What Sponsors Really Want: From Theory to Practice

From Theory to Practice With the foundation now firmly in place, we turn our attention to practical application. The first half of the afternoon session will present several in-depth examples...
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William Pitcher
William Pitcher

“I would highly recommend this session. This is exactly the type of information anyone new or even experienced can learn from and build upon.”

“Lots of great takeaways and ideas for implementation out of this session.”

Full participation in What Sponsors Really Want is applicable for 7.0 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.